Friday, January 14, 2011

Mobile Mag: Best Mobile Projector Technology

MicroVision Mini-Tablet Projector
Embedding projectors in mobile phones is a fairly new practice that very few manufacturers have jumped on, we saw glimpses of it at last years CES, including the Samsung Beam at MWC shortly after. This year, its all about the Tablet, and of course we’re now being shown the “MicroVision Mini-Tablet with Embedded Projector.”

Being shown for the first time at CES, the Mini-Tablet is essentially a mobile phone minus the cellular banding, sporting Android 2.2 and a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen, 720p camcorder module, motion sensing, HDMI in and out and display support for web content, user generated content and apps on popular mobile operating systems. The Mini-Tablet is essentially a reference design for manufacturers, it will allow them to use the PicoP laser display engine in their own mobile devices, yes, Android devices will be packing projectors in 2011. PicoP laser will seriously kick some projection ass, its using MicroVision’s laser-scanning technology that makes images always stay in focus, even under constant motion. Color breakup is also a thing of the past.

Best Mobile Projector Technology: MicroVision Mini-Tablet Projector
MicroVision’s mini-tablet is basically the Android equivalent of the iPod Touch: A cell phone without cell-phone capabilities, sporting Android 2.2 on its 3.5″ capacitive touch screen. But despite its fare of fairly impressive features – 720p video recording, HDMI I/O ports, etc. – the device was built as a reference for manufacturers who want to include its greatest component in their own devices: The built-in PicoP laser projector. With MicroVision’s PicoP projector engine and laser-scanning technology built right in to the smartphone-sized tablet, the projected images and videos are crisp, clear, and stay constantly in focus even when in motion.