Friday, January 14, 2011

ProjectorCentral: ShowWX+ Review

Microvision ShowWX+
Over time, laser pico projectors have become more fully-featured and less expensive. In September of 2010, Microvision brought us the ShowWX, a 10-lumen model that (at the time) had an MSRP of $549. Now there's the ShowWX+, a new iteration that produces 15 lumens while keeping all of the features that made the ShowWX a hit. This time around, pricing starts at only $450, and street prices have already fallen below this mark. When you want a no-hassle pico projector that works seamlessly with your iPod or other mobile device, the ShowWX+ is a great choice.

The Microvision ShowWX+ is an evolutionary step beyond its predecessor, bringing higher lumen output to the table at a lower cost. The ShowWX+ is a hard value to beat. Its combination of laser projection, included accessories, long battery life and good ease-of-use make it a great choice for mobile photo display, the occasional presentation, or even watching a movie in your own personal micro-theater. At just over $400, the ShowWX+ is a wonderful value in mobile projection.