Friday, February 11, 2011

Matt / Pioneer / MicroVision Golden Triangle

Matt / Pioneer / MicroVision Golden Triangle To Create Micro-projector
Optical components plant matt (3019), chairman of a low-key work which Ren Pioneer, MicroVision Golden Triangle together to create micro-projector front. Matt lunar new year, announced a joint venture with Pioneer set up factories in Brazil, to strengthen the company in optical components, DSC assembly operations on combat capability. On the other hand, Pioneer will also work with partner Matt MicroVision micro-projector, to develop using RGB (red blue and green) semiconductor laser source module projector module, Pioneer introduced in 2012 built on the projector module vehicle head-up display. Close cooperation by the three terms, the future of micro projector Pioneer vehicle modules, the order should be won by the matt, and matt applications of micro antennae projection products, but also will take the product from external, extended to the field of automotive electronics.