Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MicroVision Reveals Updated Strategy for 2011

MicroVision Reveals Updated Strategy for 2011
Today, MicroVision unveiled its corporate strategy for 2011. At a high level, the company is focused on three key objectives.

  • Concentrate resources and work with industry-leading partners to advance the commercialization of the direct green laser PicoP® display engine. The company has already engaged Pioneer Corporation and is in advanced discussions with other development partners to facilitate its go-to-market plan for a direct green PicoP® engine.
  • Sell existing innovative products based on the synthetic green laser to (a) continue to build market awareness, (b) drive new use models for the PicoP® display technology, and (c) increase OEMs and mobile operators experience with PicoP® embedded solutions.
  • Simplify operations and reduce 2011 cash requirements by 40%.

Q4 2010 Microvision, Inc. Earnings Conference Call