Saturday, February 12, 2011

Microvision In The Classroom

Pocket Projector
Microvision is aiming the ShowWX+ at business and entertainment audiences, but it has a place in today’s schools. It’s good for a small room, like a converted storage room or a cubicle one-on-one lesson. It doesn’t need a fan and doesn’t get particularly hot while being used. Because the ShowWX+ uses three lasers rather than a high-pressure mercury bulb, you’ll never waste time or money with a burned-out lamp. It is rated to last 20,000 hours, or roughly 16 years of six hours of use per school day. More to the point, it uses only 3 watts of power and will cost a school roughly $1.20 a year in electricity costs. This is about one-hundredth the level of a traditional classroom projector, making it a high-tech bargain. While the ShowWX+ has its faults, it is an impressive piece of school technology that will certainly evolve and improve. In other words, watch this space.