Friday, July 22, 2011

Q2 2011 Highlights

MicroVision Announces Second Quarter 2011 Results

  • Signed an agreement with a major automotive manufacturer to incorporate MicroVision's PicoHUD technology into its test vehicles.
  • Expanded support of the Apple ecosystem by adding Softline UK Ltd. (EMEA) and Synnex K.K. (Japan) to distribute the SHOWWX(TM) line of pico projector products to Apple customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Japan. The SHOWWX+ is the first laser pico projector to be sold in Japan.
  • Announced the new SHOWWX+HDMI laser pico projector, offering pure digital connectivity to a breadth of new tablets, smartphones and devices offering HDMI video-out.
  • Delivered initial order of first-generation PicoP display engines to Walsin Lihwa. Walsin has integrated these engines into its new Pico Panda product planned for commercial release in China in the second half of 2011.
  • Continued advancement with Pioneer of the light source module based on direct blue, green, and red laser diodes and engine subsystems for the next-generation HD PicoP display engine.It is expected to serve as the foundation for Pioneer's aftermarket HUD product planned for introduction in 2012.