Friday, November 11, 2011

Pico Projectors: Market Research Report

Global Pico Projectors Market
The study highlights that the Pico Projector market is projected to exceed 97.5 million units by 2017 along with revenues of near 10 billion. The market will be driven by embedding pico projectors into a variety of mobile devices such as laptops, portable media players, portable gaming devices, cell phones etc

The most interesting part in the report stated laser PicoP based projectors will surge ahead after the commercial introduction of the direct green laser.

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Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) microdisplays with color filters was the technology utilized in the initial pico projectors in 2008 and 2009. LCOS with color sequential, Digital Light Processing (DLP), and Laser beam steering (LBS) or scanning MEMS are the other technologies currently being utilized in pico projectors. Going forward, DLP technology is forecast to attain largest market share, followed by LCOS, while MEMS scanning technology would be the fastest growing category. In terms of light source, lasers and LEDs are the two predominantly used sources, with LEDs currently in the dominant position. However, lasers are forecast to surge ahead in the long run after the commercial introduction of direct green laser. Lasers are the ideal light-emitting devices in pico projectors owing to their ability to deliver saturated colors across the broadest gamut of colors, enhanced power efficiency, higher resolution, and focus-free operation.