Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Age of the Pico Projector is Upon Us

The Age of the Pico Projector is Upon Us (For Real this Time)
There’s always been a lot to love about a pico projector. A palm-sized device that can port video from anything from a laptop to an iPod onto a large projected screen? Sign me up. Until now, though, picos only came is two forms: as a standalone box, or strapped onto the back of a device like a smartphone, rendering the gadget bulky and extremely power inefficient. Enter MicroVision’s PicoP Gen2 projector, debuting this week. The PicoP Gen2 is among the smallest pico system we’ve seen, and it’s incredibly power efficient--perfect for embeds in multi-function devices. Oh yeah, and it’s 720p high-def, too.