Monday, January 9, 2012

Microvision @ CES

Microvision is gearing up to be one of the most talked about companies at this years CES in Las Vegas. Head over to the Microvision booth at the Venetian Suite 31-231.

Microvision plans to showcase the following leading edge projection technology:

PicoP Gen2 HD: Microvision latest projection engine which utilizes direct green lasers which produces a focus free 720p image.

PicoMagic: Prototype unit which utilizes the new PicoP Gen2 HD engine.
PicoMagic Brochure 

PicoMagic - 3D and Touch Interactive: The PicoMagic will allow users to directly interact with their projected image on any surface along with 3D capability!!

Project Tuatara: Microvisions along with Intel will be displaying their newest generation gaming gun which allows users to play first and third person games on any surface